HGH Therapy

Safe Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • How HGH Supplements Work

    HGH supplements help by supplying and keeping HGH in a normal level even in periods in which it’s normally low, making it to slow the process of aging.

  • Healing With Growth Hormone Boosters

    Human growth hormone (HGH) regulates cell growth and repair, thus increasing the level of HGH would shorten the recovery period for physical injuries.

  • HGH Supplements

    Marketed in 2 forms, HGH supplements increase the supply of natural growth hormone in the body by enabling the pituitary gland to stimulate HGH and adding growth hormone in the body.

  • HGH Alternatives

    Given the side effects of synthetic HGH, more and more people are turning to HGH alternatives which can safely enhance the natural ability of the human body to synthesize this growth hormone.

  • HGH Sprays

    With so many low-quality HGH sprays in the market, consumers must carefully examine the claims of HGH manufacturers. Moreover the efficacy of the HGH sprays are very questionable.

  • HGH And Organ Replacement

    HGH holds promise for a better alternative to organs transplant. Studies proved that high level of HGH can help in the restoration of vital organs like kidneys, heart and liver.

  • Dangerous HGH Injections Health Risks

    HGH injections are not only expensive – costing around $40 for a single injection – they are dangerous as well. Yet HGH injections could cause more damages than improvements in your body.

HGH Human Growth HormoneHuman growth hormone (HGH) is a chemical that is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body. Also called somatotropin, this hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. As we age, the pituitary gland secretes less HGH, so some use commercial products to restore their HGH to normal level. Boosting HGH level can hamper the aging process as well. However, using HGH drugs for rejuvenating purposes has side effects.

The human body grows instantly from the time of birth. During the infant years, the pituitary gland produces a lot of HGH, thus facilitating the growth of cells, tissues and vital organs. HGH is needed for the development of heart and body parts. HGH is also considered the king of hormones for its role in regulating the production of other hormones in the body. HGH generates cells and influences bodily functions more than any hormone does.

HGH regulates the activities of organs and body parts. It enables the body to repair itself. The rate of HGH production begins to decline at the age of 20. The rate of decline usually increases as we age, causing our skin to sag and form wrinkles. The health problems encountered by the aging population can be attributed to the deficiency of HGH in the body.

HGH Therapy

It is legal to use HGH products in the US. The medical authority approved the use of HGH drugs in the treatment of growth disorders in children. HGH boosters in the form of supplement are also recognized in the US. Adults are encouraged to take HGH boosters especially when they reach their 20s to keep their HGH level  high. Taking HGH boosters will help hamper aging, reduce fat and increase metabolism and muscle size. HGH boosters are also a valid treatment for sexual dysfunction in men since HGH resembles testosterone and estrogen.

HGH products come in various forms like pills, sprays and injections. Injections need prescriptions. Moreover, they are very costly and not covered by many health insurance plans. However, some insurers do shoulder injection costs if there is a prescription by doctor. On the other hand, HGH pills and oral sprays can be used without prescriptions.

HGH Side Effects

Being a form of hormone therapy, HGH products have some side effects. Some known cases involve minor problems like joint pain and soreness. However, some severe cases do exist which involve high blood pressure and abnormal growth of cartilage and bones.

HGH drugs are generally prescribed to those suffering from hormonal deficiency. HGH drugs are not intended for long-term use. Even a short-term use of these products can lead to side effects like fluid retention and joint pain and inflammation. Physicians forbid patients from taking these products for a long period of time since a high HGH level can further decrease HGH production and can even impair the pituitary gland so that it could no longer produce any  somatotropin at all.

Before taking HGH boosters, it is better to consult your doctor. There may be safer alternatives to HGH injections. If your doctor gives a prescription, ask about the side effects of the treatment.

Safer HGH Therapy Solution

The safer alternative to HGH injections comes in the form of supplement; HGH releasers to be exact. HGH Advanced, an oral pill, is more affordable and safer than HGH injections. It has natural ingredients like amino acids which help the body secrete and stimulate natural growth hormones. HGH Advanced also contains natural bovine colostrum, a powerful growth hormone derived from cow’s milk. Studies showed that bovine colostrum promotes cellular growth in humans.