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HGH Articles

How HGH Affect Men

Men in particular should pay attention to the side effects carried with synthetic HGH drugs which can worsen their existing health problems.

Get Rid Of Cellulite With HGH

Boosting the amount of your human growth hormones (HGHs) can reduce the size of cellulite in your body. The result is so immediate that you would see noticeable improvements in just a few weeks.

Grow Taller With HGH

Increasing the amount of IGF-1 in the body would stimulate the growth of cartilage cells of long bones, thus promoting height.

How HGH Affect Women

Women should also pay attention to the side effects carried with synthetic HGH drugs which can worsen their existing health problems.

HGH Sprays

With so many low-quality HGH sprays in the market, consumers must carefully examine the claims of HGH manufacturers. Moreover the efficacy of the HGH sprays are very questionable.

HGH Side Effects

HGH users are exposing themselves to various risks by injecting synthetic hormones in high concentrations, which are unnecessary given the availability of HGH releasers.

Healing With Growth Hormone Boosters

Human growth hormone (HGH) regulates cell growth and repair, thus increasing the level of HGH would shorten the recovery period for physical injuries.

HGH And Organ Replacement

HGH holds promise for a better alternative to organs transplant. Studies proved that high level of HGH can help in the restoration of vital organs like kidneys, heart and liver.

Dangerous HGH Injections Health Risks

HGH injections are not only expensive – costing around $40 for a single injection – they are dangerous as well. Yet HGH injections could cause more damages than improvements in your body.

How HGH Supplements Work

HGH supplements help by supplying and keeping HGH in a normal level even in periods in which it’s normally low, making it to slow the process of aging.